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Property Management

We specialize in single family investment property

Some owners genuinely enjoy managing their own investment properties.  Property ownership should be pretty some property, rent it to qualified tenants who pay the rent on time and take advantage of the tax breaks, an appreciating asset and the additional income. Unfortunately, property ownership isn't always simple. Sometimes tenants don't pay the rent on time, or at all or worse...they damage your property. Then there are complaints, the midnight phone calls for repairs and trying to find a plumber at 2:00 am.  Don't forget the administrative matters like record keeping, collections and finding reliable vendors. Roselli Realty's services are for those owners who want to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassles of maintaining those properties.  We are one of the few companies in the Southeast Valley (Awhatukee, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek and Apache Junction) that have been providing reputable property management services for over 30 years.

Property Evaluation    

Property InspectionWe will assess the condition of your property, make recommendations, and obtain bids to make the home rent ready. Our experience in the rental market enables us to establish a market value of your property to get the best rental price.

Vacancies Marketed      Back to Top

Internet MarketingWe aggressively and creatively market your vacant property. This is accomplished through our rental listings which are available 24/7 on, the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service and other internet rental web sites. our networking with real estate professionals, maintaining excellent "curb appeal" and our highly visible rental sign at the property. An ARMLS "lock box" allows your property is be easily shown to potential tenants.

Tenants Carefully Screened and Selected     Back to Top

Tenant ScreeningTenant selection is our most important function. Each tenant must complete a detailed application and meet our income, rental or ownership and credit history requirements. Tenants are carefully screened using Southwest Data Credit credit, criminal and rental history reports. We contact current landlords and employers to verify tenant application information. If the tenant is working with another agent, we meet with the tenant before entering in to a rental agreement. If the tenant meets our requirements, we prepare the rental agreement and any addenda. We review all the terms of the rental agreement and addenda with the tenant before accepting a deposit to secure the home.

Timely Rent Collection     Back to Top

Timely Rent  PaymentsFirm collection policies including computer generated late payment notices and personal phone calls are used to collect rent on time. All rents are due on the 1st of each month. If not paid by the 3rd day of the month, a personal phone call is made to the tenant. If payment is not received by the 5th day, a late payment notice is sent to the tenant by certified mail explaining the landlords rights under Arizona Landlord Tenant Law which includes swift legal action if payment and any late fees are not received immediately.

Accounting      Back to Top

Accounting ReportsEnjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing all the paperwork is being handled. Our totally computerized accounting and report system itemizes all income and expenses, manages bill paying and complies with IRS regulations. You receive monthly income and expense reports with your rent check. You will receive a year end accounting and an IRS 1099 for tax filing.

Maintenance and Repairs     Back to Top

Maintenance and RepairsReliable and reasonable contractors, 24 hour emergency service for tenants, and regular property inspections help keep your costs down, the tenants happy and your evenings undisturbed.  Most of our contractors have been with us for years and provide fast response time at competitive prices. There are times when we are able to avoid service calls by walking tenants through simple repairs like garbage disposals that just need to be reset or circuit breakers that have been tripped. When we can't solve the problem over the phone, we order the work, supervise its progress and pay the bills when it's completed to our specifications. Most routine work we order, supervise and pay without bothering you. However, as per our management agreement, when the work exceeds the mutually predetermined dollar amount, we will contact you for approval.

The Eviction Process     Back to Top

Legal ActionTo protect you, our office uses the latest tools and resources in order to verify each item of the tenant application. We run credit and rental history reports. We personally contact the tenant's current landlord and employer as part of the background check. We interview the tenant.  Our aggressive tenant screening and selection policies have resulted in relatively few legal actions over the years.

Unfortunately, even good tenants that are well qualified can encounter serious life changing situations (loss of employment and divorce are the most common in our experience) resulting in financial instability.  When a tenant does not pay rent or refuses to move out, our only recourse is to take legal action.

We have a long term relationship with an attorney specializing in Arizona Landlord Tenant Law. Typically,  the paper work is sent to the attorney's office. The tenant is served the legal papers. The attorney appears in court on behalf of the landlord to present evidence. Most legal matters are usually an issue of unpaid rent and the judge normally finds in favor of the landlord.  If the tenant does not pay all monies owed in court, the judge will issue a Writ of Restitution demanding the tenant vacate the property. Typically, the tenant is out of the property by the end of the month in which the rent has not been paid.  The total eviction is approximately $300.  The tenant's security deposit is used to pay the outstanding debt.  You will also have a judgment from the court to attempt to collect any balance due.


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