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You can count on us for great service

  • We fully understand the Southeast Valley market and have access to information that is not available to the average homeowner.
  • We know how to price you home realistically to get you the highest price possible in an reasonable time.
  • We advertise 24/7, 365 days a year for the best results.
  • We are experienced in creating demand for your home and know how to show it.
  • We know how to screen potential buyers to eliminate those who can't qualify or are looking for bargain-basement prices.
  • We know how to get toe-to-toe in negotiations.
  • We are always "on-call", answering phone calls at all hours, and showing homes evenings and weekends.
  • We can remain objective when presenting offers and counter-offers on your behalf.
  • We listen to your needs, respect your opinions and allow you to make your own decisions.
  • We can help protect your rights which is particularly important in the increasingly complicated real estate market, laws and regulations.
  • We have over thirty years of experience resolving problems to ensure the successful closing of you home.


Sold House

Seller's Property Disclosure Statement ("SPDS")

Most sellers provide a SPDS. This document poses a variety of questions for the seller to answer about the property and its condition. Click below to view a sample of the SPDS form.